Ms. Anderson -- English I

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About Me:

I'm looking forward to my second year working with freshman at McGavock!    I am a proud graduate of UMASS-Amherst, where I earned a B.A. in English Literature. I'm also of graduate of Vanderbilt University, where I earned an M.Ed. in Secondary Education.  As a native of Massachusetts, I'm an extreme Boston Red Sox fan. Coffee, Kurt Vonnegut novels, and my dog are some of my favorite things.  

Feel free to contact me at any time with ANY concerns you may have throughout the year. Laughing


        Assignments will lose 10% for each day they are late. After 3 days work will be accepted for credit only! 


OCTOBER  5th: Final Copy of Research Essay (All components of essay due by this date)

OCTOBER 6th : Quiz 2 -- Research Skills, Informational Text, Writing Process, Constructing an Essay


Homework will be given on most Mondays and Wednesday. 








 1st & 2nd

 5th & 6th     


-          The start of class:

o        Sit in your seat.

o       Take out your materials.

o       Read the board and begin working on the assigned activity.


-          Homework

o       Write assignment and due date on assignment log

o       Turn work in, completed, on the due date or before


-          Late Work

o       Assignments will lose 10% for each day they are late. After 3 days they will be accepted for credit, but not a grade.

-          Absent

o       Immediately check the Absent Binder

o       Speak with me or a classmate at a break time or after class.

o       School policy states you will have 3 days to make up assignments.

-          Tardy

o       Enter the room quietly

o       Sign the tardy binder

o       Quietly take your seat


-          End of class:

o       Write down any assignments or homework.

o       Clean up your area of the room.

o       Ms. Anderson dismisses you! Not the bell!     -         

            -      Finished early  

§         Read quietly

§         See me for an enrichment activity. The activities are typically fun, creative, and designed to expand on the day’s objective. 



-          Books on the bookshelf

o       The books in the back of the room are my personal books.

o       You may borrow and read them in class only!

o       Use of these books is a privilege, treat them kindly. These books do not leave the room, except for special situations.



  • Journals       = 5%

  • Homework   = 5%

  • Projects        = 30%

  • Essays          = 30%

  • Tests            = 30 %